Renewable Energy Information

Zoning Issues

New Mexico and Texas municipalities that decide to update zoning codes to include advanced energy concerns can start by answering a few threshold questions. The following questions can frame the direction for new zoning measures: Will the code address wind, solar, and other sustainability issues, or a combination of all three? Will certain advanced energy uses be limited to special districts? How will the zoning code interact with neighboring city, township, and county legislation? Are ... Read More

Rural power plans outlined - May, 2011

The U.S. Department of Agriculture issued a report that identifies and discusses the wide array of renewable power opportunities available to producers in rural America. The report, titled Renewable Power Opportunities for Rural Communities, is intended to serve as a summary and guide to assist rural utilities that may be considering investing in a renewable electricity generation project and for policymakers who may be considering how to encourage such investments. The report is designed to ... Read More

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